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        Black Ice
        by Nick Barker
You should really let Svetlana do the driving.

   Another Step
        by Nick Barker

You’re no longer sure if the risk is really worth the prize. 

A B3 blues ostinato, over slowly ascending strings, pulls you through.

   Last Night in the Hamptons
        by Nick Barker
Not a night for wasted dreams.

   Old Hollywood
        by Nick Barker

From the balcony, down the staircase, running out the main doors in a flimsy burnoose,

then to a fevered embrace on the terrace and a perfect night.

The Rolls, Bentleys and Pierce Arrows were expensive, but the happy ending . . . priceless.

   A Sunny Day in Georgetown
        by Nick Barker
A Man, A Plan, A Canal, A Guitar . . . Georgetown!

   You Have Only This Chance
        by Nick Barker

A dialog of the heart that’s resolved as the French horns restate the main theme.

   Paris to Catatonia in 2 Minutes
        by Nick Barker
There at the lightest of social settings - another wine tasting -
I encountered a poison so subtle, so brooding, so haunting,
I barely noticed being dead.

   Wrong Turn
        by Nick Barker
You realize you're completely lost and disoriented, and . . . where'd this fog come from?

   Major Mijor
        by Nick Barker
A moment beside a waterfall.
The introduction of the minor tonality, next to the major, parallels tough, unresolved issues.

   When Timpani Attack
        by Nick Barker

   En Pointe at Clown College
        by Nick Barker